20 novembre 2012

Lyrics / Paroles / Framix / Stuck in a Cruel World

    FRAMIX Stuck in a Cruel World Lyrics from the album © Framix / François Michel / 2011 - 2012       ℗ Frakamix Production / 2011 – 2012       WWW.FRAMIX.FR     Car Scene #1 « A Quiet Sunset at the Country Side »   Billy : Oh, I’m sorry Candy. I woke you up. (She yawns) Candy : I had a strange dream… This music was in it, what does it mean ? Billy : Some guy, crying about a… Lost world… Candy : What a... [Lire la suite]

20 octobre 2011

The Big Falls / Lyrics / Paroles / Framix 2011

  The Big Falls Down the river, around the corner, Down this place, it's hard to tell, I hope someday, down the river, I'm waiting for the big cascade. Can't you see my river? Can't you feel yours flow ? When will we join in ? Oh god, where are the big falls. Down the river around the corner, Down this river we will start to sing, I hope someday there will be an echo, I hope someday you will be there. Can't you see my river ? Can't you feel yours flow ? My cup is running over, Oh god, where are the... [Lire la suite]
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22 mars 2010

Paroles / Lyrics / Framix / Happy Animals

Elephant Scratch Dog eat the cat Cat eat the mouse Sheep eat the grass And, elephant scratch. Duck eat the worms, Worms eat the man, Man eat man And, elephant scratch. Jumpy    Girls, you believe in your shoes and dress. Watching your face, you should send an S.O.S. Boss i don't care if you wanna fight them, To die in New-York or Jerusalem. I wasn't born when dinosaurs died, To the third world war, we won't survive. We will have no place in Noah's ship, Before You engrave the big R.I.P.... [Lire la suite]
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